6.jpgThe main building structure is made from reinforced concrete. According to the customers wishes wood or decorative facade plate can be used for facade decoration. Nowadays reinforced concrete is the basis of the modern house building because of natural materials (cement, water, steel) which is made of, its longevity and economy. Reinforced concrete wall accumulates heat in itself and ensures smooth and comfortable heat transfer in a house.

Modern technologies allow to propose one layer and three-layer wall panels. External walls of the houses are built from three-layer wall plates. Three-layer wall plates consist of two reinforced concrete plates, between them there is a layer of thermal insulation (rock wool or polystyrene foam), therefore no additional insulation is required for the house. Thermal resistance of the wall is about 5.0 m² K/W. If there is a need, it is possible to offer greater resistance wall panels.

Internal partitions of the building wall are made of one layer panels. Heat losses, sound insulation, fire resistance are solved in those houses. The durability of the building is more than 50 years.


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