7.jpgThe new generation of reinforced concrete wall structures is produced in UAB “Markučiai” factory. Process of manufacturing guarantees the highest level of quality, because production doesn’t impact by atmosphere conditions.

During the production process accurate dimensions of the product are kept. Products have smooth surface, are shaped window and door openings and installation of communication channels.

Surface of internal partitions of the wall panels are smooth and requires the minimal finishing (plastering is not required). The customer can choose decoration of an external wall surface: painting or different textures usage.

High efficiency of production line ensures short manufacturing terms. Production of house panels takes about 1-2 weeks and house installation lasts about 4-5 weeks at the construction site. House built from reinforced concrete wall panels has a minimum amount of stitches it allows to ensure building tightness. Adverse weather conditions do not affect the process of assembling the house in the construction site. Construction of the foundation may be several types, depending on the terrain.


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